IPNWEB is a full lifecycle 8a IT company providing technology services which span project analysis, planning, requirements gathering and validation, development, integration, testing, and deployment.

We have a proven track record of success in Application Development, Application and Data Migration, Service Oriented Architecture, implementing Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping, Identity Management, Content Management, Case Management and much more.

Our subject matter experts have experience working with agile, waterfall, spiral, and incremental or rapid prototype software development methodologies based on client needs and best practices. We also possess expertise in the analysis of vendor products, SSO solutions, and network security and planning.

Our Solutions

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Successes In Systems Integration

IPNWeb has provided a wide range of demonstrated successes in systems integration, production support, and development. Our experience in supporting the ATF and Fortune 500 companies in production applications, database management, and system administration include:  

Maintenance: Provided maintenance for the Bomb Arson Tracking System (BATS) and case management system for the ATF. Underlying technologies included Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, and other 3rd party COTS and custom applications. Administration activities included performance tuning, patching, user account administration, addressing trouble tickets, installations, and more. 

24x7 Production Support: Provided 24x7 coverage and support for newly upgraded Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure at Alticor and tier two support for ATF’s case management system which includes fast tracking critical bug fixes, performing necessary operating system configuration to stabilize the environments, and applying product patches. 

Application Enhancements and Bug Fixes: Provided enhancements for BATS for the ATF, a custom developed application implemented fully in Microsoft .NET. Enhancements included addressing migration issues, troubleshooting connectivity, writing over 500,000 lines of code addressing hundreds of functional requirements. 

Standard Operating Procedures: As part of production support engagements, developed detailed Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Guides and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for customers such as Cox Communications and Alticor, Inc. (also known as Amway Corporation). 

Network Management Support: Provided support for Oracle upgrade Migration of 5000 internal ATF users to Oracle 10g. Assisted in diagnosing intranet and internet communication error (firewall and proxy).  Worked closely and efficiently with the Network Operations to effectively build the network structure for BATS. This included creating the internal DNS names for the BATS servers to allow the reverse proxy to  server the BATS applications. Firewall rules were implemented to allow access to the testing environment for the reverse proxy. In addition, we have implemented COTS products into the ATF network and conformed to the security compliance. We designed the architecture, integrated the GIS system, and designed the server layout. We worked with operations to address any PO&M and make the COTS product both C&A compliant.